Turning the Corner

This time last year I was applying for jobs and being a part of the Centrelink machine. I had bugger all money, but I was happy living with Kristy, gaming while she was out working and playing the odd game of gridiron or basketball with friends.

Now, I’m interstate, employed (after 5+ years of job hunting – plenty of stories there), engaged  and as of last night, in the property market.

I never expected to have a job, let alone be in the process of owning a house. I’m 28 years old, so it’s undoubtedly time, but at the pace life was progressing I didn’t see it coming.

Kristy is a big part of that. I tell her all the time she has no patience but it’s not only that, she has drive and passion, qualities I lack, so it’s great to have someone willing to push me.

So now, we’ve put an initial deposit to book a spot. The land hasn’t been divided yet but it will be in a new estate called Cornerstone in Werribee.

We checked out the area today and it looks like it has the potential to be a great area. It still hasnt really hit me but I’m sure the next year of saving will make me feel like a real adult.


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