Land ahoy

Yesterday we went back for another meeting with the House people. They had found us a plot but it was slightly bigger so we thought it was just to confirm the new price and all that.

Turns out, while not a formal contract signing, we were doing a home review. So choosing the facade, colour schemes and any upgrades – so it was really moving fast.

For some reason, they had already given us an upgrade in the kitchen which is awesome (bigger stove top and oven, as well as stone top benches – about 5k in value). Now a lot of the features are included in the build package, but things like downlights, blinds, and a TV antennae point in the main bed we decided to add.

The agent was quite helpful in telling us what upgrades were over priced (eg. Air con) and even gave us half price on the downlights. No idea why we keep getting sweet deals but not going to complain.

After we chose everything he sent us to Cornerstone to put the initial deposit on the land. So it’s officially ours now. Now we just save the 5% deposit while it’s being built.

Everything does seem too easy so far. Everything I’ve read has suggested building a home is hard for younger people so I don’t know if we stumbled on something good or if we’re out of our depth. Hopefully Kristy knows what’s going on!


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