Save, Save, Save

A few months in and we’re settling into the saving stage of the build process. Everything is locked in and surprisingly it isn’t that hard to save bulk amounts. In saying that I’ll be glad when it is just a mortgage we’re paying off and not everything else. Has anyone ever said they’ll be happy paying a mortgage before?

They took their time setting us up for the home saver account. I can understand they have a few people to deal with but their lack of urgency doesn’t fill me with confidence. That’s when it’s in their time – when they need something from us they need it yesterday. I should add I’m not concerned our house won’t be built, I just think they tell us a date (May 2018) to get it all moving and to make sure we save, when in reality the land settlement date could be months after.

This is of course good for us because we will have more time to save, and the more money we have stocked up the better, I’m just wondering whether there will be any little surprises. They say the settlement date won’t be earlier than that, it better not be, but it’s still all been pretty easy up til now so I’m waiting for the anvil to drop.

It doesn’t help when we’re constantly hearing news about it being so hard for buyers now, while we’re sitting here thinking …really? Is it all political agendas on display, or is there just some little disclaimer at the bottom of these stories that we’re missing? “This story refers to buying homes within 5km of the CBD, and does not include new builds in new estates half hour out”.

Anyway, in the meantime we’ll keep saving and hope that in the end we get the house we want without too many dramas. Fingers crossed.


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