First of all, BS are my initials.

I am possibly the only person to ever begin an Arts degree after already completing another degree. I first did a Graphic Design degree, even completed Honours, and then after working as a kitchen hand following a few unpaid internships, I went and completed an Arts degree to major in Creative Writing and Film/Media studies.

Because that’s where all the jobs are…

I’m now living and working in Melbourne (previously from Newcastle),  and enjoying being paid for actual work. If I never set foot again in a Centrelink or job provider I will die happy.

I play a lot of games and watch a lot of television and movies, but if you ask me if I’ve seen (insert classic movie here), I’ll probably say no. There’s a lot of movies to get through and unfortunately they don’t all contain Batman.

I’ve set up this blog to give me a creative outlet to express myself, and vent.. Mostly vent. Hopefully I’ll post some short stories, both fiction and non-fiction. Hope you enjoy.